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Strengthen your approach to Workplace Investigations and have confidence in your policies and procedures with my consultancy services and workshops. 


Achieve your goals and improve your mental health and wellbeing with my coaching packages. Discover where coaching could take you with a free 25-minute, no-obligation consultation.



Individual and group coaching packages to empower your employees and develop your managers.

Meditation classes and workshops for you, your colleagues, and your employees.


a qualified and experienced HR consultant and confidence coach

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About Me

As an HR consultant, I work with HR Practitioners and Senior Leaders to Investigate workplace allegations, and provide training and support to key personnel. With more than 20 years’ experience in Human Resources, I am well equipped to deliver a flexible and responsive service that meets your needs.

By working with me as your Coach you will take the time to examine your strengths and what motivates you to achieve your goals. I will ask you to take action, to be honest with me and to challenge yourself. In return I will support you throughout the period of time that we work together, empowering you to overcome challenges, view situations from a different perspective, and take control of your future to create effective and lasting changes in your career and personal life.

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