Five Key Management Actions to Improve Performance and Avoid Grievances

20 years working in Human resources and managing numerous different situations that have deteriorated to the point of formal action has

helped me identify certain behaviours, with the wonderful benefit of hindsight, that could help prevent formal grievance resolution, performance improvement
plans, and quite often both.

1. Top of my list is LISTENING. Not just hearing what a staff member is saying but listening, responding and retaining the information. A large proportion of the
grievances I have supported and investigated have resulted from an individual repeatedly raising an issue and feeling that they were not being listened to.

2. Do what you say you are going to do. Trust is at the centre of good employee relations and if one party feels that the other can’t be trusted or is
unreliable, the relationship is unlikely to flourish. If you commit to doing something and then for some reason it is not possible, explain the reason why.

3. Apologise when you are wrong. If you make a mistake or find out you have upset someone, say sorry. I have seen countless formal grievances cause a large amount of stress and workload, when they could have been resolved at an early stage with an apology. Use mistakes as an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow.

4. Be honest. If you need something doing in a certain way, say so. If work being produced or behaviour at work is not at the required standard, tell them in a helpful and constructive way as early as possible. Hoping the problem will go away if you do nothing invariably creates a bigger more stressful problem.

5. Be clear and check understanding. So many conflicts and grievances result from a misunderstanding that snowballs. Check your staff are clear about tasks and
they understand what is required by when.

Managing staff can be complex and unpredictable. I can support and advise you on a retained or ad hoc basis to manage cases of grievance, disciplinary, performance and absence management, and team development. If you would like a free no obligation discussion about how I can support you, please get in touch.