How do you ensure disciplinary and grievance procedures are fair with the added complication of Covid 19 restrictions?

If you still have employees working from home or on furlough, it is important to ensure that disciplinary and grievance procedures can be
undertaken in a fair way. This will involve one of three options:

1. Proceeding with the investigation or hearing in line with your policy/procedures as you would under normal circumstances;

2. Holding meetings via an online platform; or

3. Putting the investigation or hearing on hold until it is possible to proceed with either option 1 or 2 above.

The key questions to ask yourself when considering these options are:

Is it possible to hold meetings in person, whilst observing social distancing measures for all parties?

Do any individuals involved in the process have health concerns or live with vulnerable people and may be put at greater risk by
attending in person?

Will there be adequate opportunity to obtain all evidence required in the scope of the investigation?

Will all the parties involved be able to access and comment on the allegations and evidence?

If you conclude that you can proceed with meetings/ a hearing online then please down load my checklist on holding investigation meetings or hearing virtually. If I can help you further with a grievance or disciplinary situation then please contact me.