Reflect and Refocus

The current health crisis we find ourselves in will mean an increase in workload for some, and a decrease for others. We will all be experiencing the lockdown differently, but the vast majority of us will reflect on our values and priorities, and may well come out the other end with a different perspective and focus in life.

As a meditation teacher I regularly talk to students about the value of daily gratitude practice, and so have been ensuring I practice what I preach, which has been especially valuable at times when all the news seems bleak and depressing. However, I have also been focussing on why I enjoy what I do, and what my strengths are. Therefore, when my motivation or mood is low, doing something I enjoy, or that I can see makes a difference to people, has a very beneficial impact on me.

Taking a small step toward a new goal or focus can help it feel much more tangible and achievable, and give you back a feeling of control when much of what is going on in the world makes you feel powerless. If this period of uncertainty has caused you to re-evaluate your goals and focus, and you want to invest in taking positive steps toward new goals, take advantage of one of my free, no obligation discovery calls, and take back control of your life.