Why do I feel so overwhelmed and how do I move forward?

As a professional coach, I have worked with many clients who tell me about goals they have wanted to achieve for a while, but have struggled to
make any progress toward them. This is not because they do not have the skills or desire to do so, more frequently it is due to one of two reasons:

1. Overwhelm - their goal seems too big or complex, and they are unsure where to start, so don’t make any meaningful progress

2. Fear - They are either afraid they might fail to achieve the goal, or they have beliefs or assumptions about themselves that they are
letting limit their ability to achieve their goal.

At the moment while the country is in 'lock down' and things are very uncertain, it is likely many of us trying to deal with one or both of
these challenges even when just navigating normal daily tasks. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with what is happening in your life right now, four key actions you can take to help things seems more achievable

  • Break down the goal or task and identify what steps you need to take and the timescale you will require. Identify what the first step should be to get you there and spend just five minutes on the first step and see what happens.
  • Set yourself boundaries for your time and workload. If you are working and trying to home school/ care for others/ or have higher than normal stress or anxiety levels due to your current situation be realistic about what you can achieve in the time you have available, and let your colleagues and family know what times you will be available to them.
  • Accept that sometimes things can to be just good enough, and spending hours of extra time on tasks that give you only a marginal benefit, are probably not necessary at the moment. If you are spending more time on tasks than you have allocated, pause and ask yourself what additional benefit spending more time on this task will give you, if you cannot come up with a strong reason, then stop and move on.
  • Are there others than can help? If you are juggling a lot of balls, identify a maximum of three priorities you want to achieve each day, and if there are more things that need to be done that do not get in your top three ask colleagues or family to help. Delegation is not a failure, done successfully it can really help everyone’s stress levels.

Working through obstacles such as feeling overwhelmed can give lasting benefits, and working with a coach who can ask you questions that you may be reluctant to ask yourself can unlock powerful gain towards your goals. If you are interested in finding out more about what coaching can do for you contact me for a no obligation discovery call today.