“I Have Reclaimed My Life”

“Prior to starting my coaching sessions with Helen, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities and tasks I was trying to fit into the day. One of the major impacts that Helen’s coaching has had on me is the ability to make better and informed decisions. My lifestyle has improved so much that I have been telling my friends and family that I have reclaimed my life!”

Alison - From Herne Bay

“Very Supportive”

“Throughout the sessions, Helen was very supportive in allowing me to set smaller goals I felt comfortable with in order to achieve the overall goal.”

Lauren - From Canterbury

“I Felt Liberated”

"I chose to try coaching to tackle some things that I was struggling with. Helen helped me focus on clarifying the issues, setting goals and priorities, identifying obstacles and using lists of very concrete actions. When I completed the job, I felt liberated from a burden that had been there for a very long time, and I am sure I wouldn't have achieved this without the sessions with Helen."

Jo - From Ramsgate

“A Pleasure to Deal with”

"Helen ran two meditation sessions for us as part of an important University week encompassing mental health awareness week. Both sessions were so well received, and staff gave excellent feedback about the quality of the sessions and the benefits to them personally. Helen was also a pleasure to deal with and we are hoping that we can have her back again very soon."

University of Kent - L and Organisational Development


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“Highly Useful”

“I found the coaching sessions highly useful, particularly in focussing my efforts on specific areas, and being able to achieve the goals I set for myself under the guidance of my coach. Helen was able to lead conversations in the right direction and ensured I stayed on topic and ascertained solutions rather than talking over the problem without a potential resolution. I’ve always tended to try and ‘fix’ a number of things at once. More often than not this approach has proven unsuccessful because I was taking on too much at once, then it felt like I was failing when I couldn’t achieve everything I set out to. Working with Helen really showed how smaller, bitesize goals are not only more achievable, but also more sustainable in the longer term.”

Gemma - From Chestfield

“A Calm and Assured Approach”

“Helen provided a calm and assured approach, whilst being knowledgeable in the areas I felt I needed to develop to enable progression and ensure future success. Helen’s style of questioning and patient approach suited me well and enabled me to come up with some of the answers and solutions that will enable me to achieve positive action in the coming months and achieve my desired outcomes. The coaching sessions have helped ground me and take a step back from the busy day to day operational running of a complex organisation. On reflection, the sessions supported me to think how best to utilise the team and helped to shape alternative views and approaches through effective questioning.”

Paul - From Canterbury

“An Invaluable Source of Information and Support”

“Helen has been an invaluable source of information and support, helping me develop my thoughts around establishing personal development and career goals. She has helped me focus on identifying solutions to specific issues I have had with regard to management of staff, and performance in my own role. I have developed a greater understanding of what is important to me in terms of key areas in my life and the impact on me when this becomes out of balance… she has helped me work through what I can influence, and how I can motivate others.”

Amanda - From Folkestone