Team Coaching and Workshops with a Focus on Wellbeing and Resilience

Are you concerned about conflict or working relationships within 

your team?

Do you want to equip managers with the tools to coach and develop 

their staff?

Do you want to understand how to increase effective communication 

and motivation within your team?

I build on my extensive experience as a Human Resources Professional and 

Confidence Coach supporting a wide range of managers and their teams,

to offer facilitated workshops, courses and group coaching to suit the needs of your business.

Facilitated Workshops for teams and co-workers covering: 

  Understanding potential causes of stress at work, and how to manage 

your reaction and approach;
Exploring practical coaching techniques with colleagues to foster a positive working environment;
  Supporting attendees to explore their own goals, how to make progress 

towards them.

A program of group coaching for teams or project groups to:

  Reduce conflict and improve working relationships;

  Raise awareness of any barriers to communication and how to reduce them;

  Develop understanding and commitment to shared goals and values;

  Spend time sharing ideas and solving problems.

Lunchtime wellbeing courses to support your employees build resilience and manage stress.

Helping you support the wellbeing of your team through improving teamworking, collaboration and performance

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 Group coaching sessions and Workshops

Available Virtually and in Kent and surrounding areas

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